Chapter 3

The stable was amazing! On each wall there were at least 10 photos, metals, or ribbons. And then she found a chest that said Jasper, the name of her grandmother’s horse. Maggie opened the old chest with the key that was on top of it . Inside there was a saddle, a grooming brush, a rein for racing and a letter she wrote to her horse before the big race. Next to the chest there was a closet. Maggie went to open the closet. Inside there were a riding jacket, riding pants, boots, and a hat. She put them on secretly and pretended to be her grandmother. Her parents called her for dinner so she quickly took the riding gear off and ran inside.

For dinner, the Craig’s were having mash potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, chicken, baked beans , corn on the cob, and beef stew. Sarah hated everything on the table so she sat and screamed until she was excused from the table.

After dinner, Maggie asked her parents if she could take some scraps to Snitch.

"Sure, what would you like to take to her?” said her mother.

“Um, I think I’ll take the carrots.”

Maggie got the carrots and ran out the door. It was getting dark so she quickly ran outside. When she got in the stable, she saw Snitch asleep. She put the food in the dish silently and left the stable.

When Maggie got inside, no one was downstairs and no lights were on. That gave Maggie a big clue that it was time for bed. She tiptoed up the stairs to her bedsroom and shut the door. Maggie's bedroom had a blue rocking chair, a blue rug, blue cutrains a yellow and green bed, a green dresser, blue and green walls, a white laptop, and a mirror. Maggie turned off the lights and in about 5 minuets she was asleep. She was dreaming of Snitch. She needed Maggie in the barn. She just knew it was true! She woke up quickly and dashed down the stairs and out the door! She was almost to the stable and she heard a neigh . When she got to the stable she opened the door.