Chapter 2

On the ride home to their house Snitch was moving all around in the trailer. She was getting really scared. They had just pulled up to their house. The Craig’s house was a big house with flowers and trees all over. They had a beautiful view of the forest in their backyard. They had a big garden and a lake next to their house. And Maggie’s favorite part was the pool. Now they could use the old horse stable that belonged to their grandmother Daniella Giavoldi. She was a famous horseback rider from Switzerland. She won 5 gold medals at the Kentucky Derby. Maggie wanted to do what her grandmother did when she grew up. She wanted to win exactly 5 medals in the Kentucky Derby.

Maggie got out of the car and got Snitch out of the trailer. She walked her over to the old stable. It was hard to open the gated door. She tied Snitch to the tree. Then she went to the garage to get an ax. Meanwhile, Snitch got herself untied from the tree. She raced around the house at least 6 times non-stop. She spotted the pool and jumped in. Maggie finally found the ax in the very, very weirdest spot that you could ever think of. She left the garage and walked back to the stable but Snitch was not there. She ran everywhere looking for her. Then she found her in the pool doing the backfloat. She called Snitch over and over again but she did not get out. Eventually Maggie decided to compromise. She went inside and put her bathing suit on. Then she came back outside and jumped in the pool. She pulled Snitch back to the stable and got the lock open with the ax. Then she put Snitch in and stepped inside.